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6 reasons to use a church giving kiosk
28 Feb 2022

6 Reasons to Use a Church Giving Kiosk and Fundraising Platforms in Your Community

Deploying a Church Giving Kiosk encourages its patrons to donate online to a cause. Consider these top 6 reasons to use a church giving kiosk in your community.

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Benefits of online giving for churches
28 Feb 2022

The Top Benefits of Online Giving for Churches

Check out this blog to know the benefits of online giving for your church - it offers a secured platform to accept online donations through digital modes.

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Boost your Nonprofit Organization with DonateMo
27 Jan 2022

Boost your Nonprofit Organization by using DonateMo’s Modern-day Approach

With contemporary tools, you can easily consolidate fundraisers, share your message across the community, and get access to an incredible support team.

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